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Pre-conference: Monday 23rd April 2012

10.00 – 18.00: Participants Registration & Exhibition stand decoration

Day 1: Tuesday 24th April

(Exhibition opening time for visitors 11.00 – 17.00)

08.00: Coffee & Registration

10.00 -11.00: Official opening ceremony

Opening remarks by Hon. Esperanca Laurinda Bias, Minister of Mineral Resources of the Republic of Mozambique

      Dr Chakib Khelil, Non-Executive Director, AME Trade Ltd
      Nosizwe Nokwe
, Group CEO PetroSA
Robert P. Daniels, Senior VP Worldwide Exploration, Anadarko
Roberto Casula, Executive VP of Africa and Middle East, ENI E&P Division

11.00 – 11.30: Coffee Break & Formal Opening of MMEC Exhibition - Sponsored by

11.30 - 12.45: Session 1: Overview and State of the Mozambican Mining, Hydrocarbons and Energy Sectors

Sponsored by

Chairperson: Dr Lopo Vasconcelos, Associate Professor, Department of Geology, Eduardo Mondlane University


      12.30 – 12.45: Questions and Answers

12.45 – 14.00                  Lunch Break Sponsored by:                                            


14.00 – 15.00          Session 2

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14.00 – 15.30          Workshop 1

Organised by:

Legal Aspects of the Extractive Industry

Health and Safety in the Extractive Industry

Chairperson: Eduardo Calú, Partner, Sal & Caldeira

  • Recent developments in the legal framework for petroleum and mining in Mozambique
  • Implementation of the EITI in Mozambique
  • The regulatory framework and strategies for investing in Mozambique’s extractive industry
  • Risk sharing under the Norwegian Petroleum Tax Model


  • Jose Manuel Caldeira, Sal & Caldeira - DOWNLOAD
  • Benjamin Chilenge, Project Coordinator, EITI - DOWNLOAD
  • Ivo Imparato, Sustainable Development Network Sector Leader, World Bank - DOWNLOAD
  • Håvard Holterud, Deputy Director General, Norwegian Oil Taxation Office - DOWNLOAD

Led by: Dr Charl Van Loggerenberg, Regional Medical Doctor, International SOS - DOWNLOAD

  • Safety awareness on mining sites
  • Meeting occupational health and safety standards
  • Disaster management: how to proactively deal with disasters

- Latest technologies available to assist in disaster management

  • Mining responsibly: how to minimise costs to society
  • Environmental impact assessment

- Minimising costs to the environment


Aims: Increase awareness on health and safety issues when it comes to mining activities. Focus on environmental issues and the measures to be taken to decrease costs to the environment and society in general.



15.15 - 16.30 Session 3: Infrastructure Development in the Extractive Industry - sponsored by:


Chairperson: Charles Kaphwiyo Director of Mines, Republic of Malawi



      16.15 – 16.30: Questions and Answers
16.30 – 17.00: Coffee Break Sponsored by 

17.00 - 18.20: Session 4: Money Matters: How to Successfully Access Local and International Financing

Chairperson: Dr Chakib Kehlil, Non-Executive Director, AME Trade Ltd


      18.10 – 18.20 Questions and Answers

18.20: Chairman’s closing remarks & End of Day One

19:30 - 22.00: Official Gala Dinner at Hotel Polana Sponsored by


Day 2: Wednesday 25th April

(Exhibition opening time for visitors 9.30 – 17.00)

08.30: Coffee & Registration

09.00: Chairman’s opening remarks

9.00 - 10.30: Session 5: Current Mining Projects in Mozambique

Chairperson: Mr Castigo Langa, Chairman, Gigawatt Mozambique SA


      10.15 – 10.30: Questions and Answers

10.30 – 11.00: Coffee Break - Sponsored by


11.00 – 12.30         Session 6

11.00 – 12.30            Workshop 2

Oil and Gas Development in Mozambique

Local Content Development:
Encouraging Local Participation in the Development of Mozambique’s Extractive Sector

Chairperson: John Katchamil, Chairman, CMH

  • Project Case studies


  • Industralisation Opportunities in
    Mozambique: Using natural gas for diesel
    Gareth Shaw, Business Development Manager: GTL, PetroSA - DOWNLOAD
  • Anadarko exploration success and LNG plans for Mozambique - Chuck Provost, Vice President – Anadarko International Energy Co and Director of Development Projects, Anadarko
  • Mozambique Area 4 : Exploration history, status and perspectives - Pablo Enrique Flores, Exploration & New Ventures Manager, Eni East Africa, Maputo, Mozambique - DOWNLOAD
  • Statoil in Sub Saharan Africa: current activities and future plans - Dr Mogens Ramm, VP Exploration, Statoil - DOWNLOAD
  • Pedro Ricardo, Head of Natural
    Gas Procurement and Trading, Galp
  • Optimising the value of Mozambican gas in Mozambique - Johan de Vos, Chairman, Matola Gas Company - DOWNLOAD

12.15 – 12 .30: Questions and Answers

Led by: Dr Tomas Vieira Mario


Panel Members:

  • Gareth Clifton, Mozambique Manager, Kenmare Resources
  • Ian Horswill, President & CEO, Touchstone Oil & Gas Ltd - DOWNLOAD
  • Maria Jaoa Hunguana, Manager, Sal&Caldeira - DOWNLOAD
  • Stephan Morais, Deputy CEO, BNI - DOWNLOAD
  • Ben Potter, Senior Associate, Genesis Analytics - DOWNLOAD

    How to maximise benefit from the extractive sector?
  • Adding value to the supply chain

- Government’s role in incorporating small and medium enterprises (SMEs) into the supply chain

- Industrial integration: strategic alignment of capacity building, financial services, government participation, business climate etc

  • The role of financial institutions: how can SMEs have access to local finance
  • Strategies for competitiveness in SMEs
  • Examples of local content regulations around the world
  • Is there a scope for local content law in Mozambique?
  • How will local content influence procurement and contract policies?

Understand the importance of local content development and the efforts and progress made with regards to the government and other institutions’ role to enhance local content in the oil and gas industry for national economic development.


12.30 – 14.00 - Lunch Break Sponsored by                                        

14.00 - 15.30 Session 7

Sponsored by                 

14.00 – 15.00      Technical Workshop

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The Outlook on Mozambique Power Sector Weatherford – Company Presentation

Chairperson: Dr. Daud Jamal, Geological Association of Mozambique(AGMM)

  • What role does gas play in power generation?
  • Long term demand analysis
  • Energy Efficiency is no longer an option. It is an obligation
  • Smart Grid
  • Eskom, a potential partner in beneficiating Mozambican gas for regional power generation


  • Henri Loubser, Managing Director, Sasol New Energy - DOWNLOAD
  • Carlos Yun, Director, Performance Management Unit, EDM - DOWNLOAD
  • Carlos Pone, CEO, ABB South Africa (Pty) Ltd - DOWNLOAD
  • Dominique Nicolas, Africa and Network Infrastructure Sales Director, Alstom Grid - DOWNLOAD
  • Willem Theron, General Manger, Southern African Energy Unit, Eskom - DOWNLOAD

15.15 – 15.30      Questions and Answers

Speaker: Marcus Chatfield, Owner of Wireline Workshop CC - DOWNLOAD

Short paper on current coal logging technology. It will concentrate on the need for precision using best quality tooling as well as factors affecting convertion to real data (borehole compensation). The fact that far too many assumptions about log quality are made will be stressed.


15.30 -16.00 - Coffee break Sponsored by 


16.00 – 17.30          Session 8

Sponsored by


16.00 – 17.30         Workshop 3

Corporate Social Responsibility/Local Capacity Building

Mozambique Gas: The New Major Gas Production Centre

Chairperson: Dr. Lopo Vasconcelos, Geological Association of Mozambique(AGMM)

  • Mining Mining companies and their role in
    eradication of poverty/community development
  • Delivering accessible technology for ASM community development
  • Great expectations and great responsibilities: how mining companies can make a difference
  • Bridging between private mineral sector and higher education: ways to go forward and promoting and strengthening skill development programs
  • Building the investment case for children: Emerging opportunities in the Extractive Industries


  • John Sichinga, General Manager, Sasol Petroleum International - DOWNLOAD
  • Tim Morgan, Business Development Manager, Minelab - DOWNLOAD
  • Dr Lorenz Petersen, Country Director, GIZ Mozambique - DOWNLOAD
  • Dr Daud Jamal, Geological Association of Mozambique(AGMM) - DOWNLOAD
  • Lisa Kurbiel, Senior Social Policy Specialist, UNICEF Mozambique - DOWNLOAD

17.20 – 17.30: Questions and Answers

Moderator: Barclay Collins, Anadarko
Panelists: INP, ENH, KOGAS, Standard Chartered


Opening comments by Mr Barclay Collins and introduction of panelist members

Presentations: 10 – 15 minutes each

INP – Update on Gas development and challenges by Carlos Zacarias, Exploration Manager - DOWNLOAD


ENH – Exploration opportunities and development challenges by Paulino Gregorio, Development Projects Director - DOWNLOAD

KOGAS – Experiences in LNG, challenges faced by LNG sector in Mozambique by Gi Chul JUNG, Head of Centre for Gas Economics & Management - DOWNLOAD


National Gas Company of Trinidad & Tobago – Monetisation of gas: experience of Trinidad & Tobago by S. Andrew Mc Intosh, Former President of the National Gas Company of Trinidad & Tobago - DOWNLOAD

Standard Chartered Bank – Monetization of gas; LNG pricing; export by Marc de Saint Gerand, Director Oil & Gas Project & Export Finance

Aims: To shed light on the full gas value chain and its growing importance in Mozambique. Potential integrated projects arising from gas exploitation will also be discussed



17.30 – 18.00: Closing Remarks & Presentation of the conference report

19.30 – 22.00: Closing Cocktail reception at Hotel Avenida sponsored by